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If you're not finding the answer to your question on this website, this page will help you. If you're still unsure, don't hesitate to send your question to us directly.

You can read our FAQ to understand our service better:

For questions related to the API endpoints, please see the API Reference documentation in the sidebar.

Can I download and cache the data on my side?

Caching and downloading of data is permitted under the MEGA plan only. Storing of data in your own database under any other plans besides MEGA will result in accout cancellation and possible legal action.

When my subscription is cancelled, can I keep the data and continue to use it?


At subscription cancellation all data accessed through Rewards CC API LLC must be deleted immediatelty regardless of the subscription plan. Any continued use of the data outside of a current subscription will result in takedown notices.

There's a custom endpoint that would really help, is it possible to have it added?

We will engineer a custom endpoint that will suit you needs if you sign up under the MEGA plan. Send us an email at with your request.

What's the best way to sign up?

Either Rapid API or we can set you up with a subscription billed through Stripe.

If you wish to use the MEGA plan please contact us directly. We can arrange direct access that'll perform much better and allow for higher rate limits.

Do you scrape the data from the banks websites?


All data is manually entered into our database by hand.

I can't find a card, can you add it?

Even though we have records on nearly 4,000 cards it is possible some may have slipped through the cracks. Send us your request at and we will get it added to the API within 24 hours.

Are you available for a call to discuss your service in detail?

Absolutely! We realize everyone has different use cases and love to hear how the service will be used.

How many cards do you have data for?

Nearly 4,000 with cards being added frequently.

Can I redistribute the data I receive from Rewards Credit Card API?

No user may provide Rewards Credit Card API data via their own API to users, or provide a mechanism for mass downloads, for example as a CSV.

Where are you located?

Rewards CC API is a registered LLC in the United States.

How can I contact you?