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What is Rewards Credit Card API?

Rewards Credit Card API is the most complete and current API for searching and discovering detailed information about credit cards. We have coverage for 99.5% of the credit cards issued in the United States.

Detailed information on a card level include: network, type, URL, card image, annual free, foreign exchange rates, spent rate, credit range required, signup bonus, travel benefits (free hotel night, checked bag, TSA credit, etc.), annual spend bonuses, benefits, spend bonus categories, and more.

Use Cases

  • Credit card management mobile app
  • Personal finance web application
  • Browser extenstions
  • Points and miles blog
  • Credit card selection tool
  • Shopping tool that lists the best credit card to use for a purchase
  • Website that lists the top signup offers for credit cards

API Plans and Pricing

Five plans available at Rapid API:

  • BASIC: $29/month | 2500 calls
  • PRO: $49/month | 10000 calls
  • ULTRA: $99/month | 50000 calls
  • MEGA: $199/month | 200000 calls (caching and storage allowed)
  • ENTEPRISE: Contact us

*Please note that caching and storage of data is only permitted under the MEGA plan.

Custom plans are also available, can be ordered direct through us at, and offer the best performance with sub 30ms resposne times. For MEGA plans please contact us directly.

Data Sources and Accuracy

Maintaining an accurate data set of records is our top priority. We obtain our data directly from the card issuers websites and rely on no third parties. Every single datapoint is manually reviewed and double checked for accuracy before being entered into our system and made available.

Approved Use of Data

You may use the data (including images) returned by the API on your website or in a software application that you own. You may not resell any of the data or share it with 3rd parties. No user may provide Rewards Credit Card API data via their own API to users, or provide a mechanism for mass downloads, for example as a CSV.

You may cache data returned from the Rewards Credit Card API under the MEGA plan only.

You are required to delete any data you have cached from the Rewards Credit Card API when your account is cancelled or terminated.

Help and Support

Our team is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you have and also guide you through your integration.

Contact us at