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          About Us --Make full use of everthing, secure a better
          Shanghai Liyong Lock Co., Ltd. used to be the first integrated professional lock manufacturer in china. Now it has become a top-grade Taiwan-funded enterprise specialized in auto locks and civil locks. There are 250 employees in liyong lock, including 60 engineers and technicians、20 quality controllers. Liyong lock was founded in 1932, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, former vice minister of the First Machinery Industry Department Mr. Sheng hong was the founder of the company.
          We provide our products and service to famous domestic and foreign auto manufacturers, our main customers: Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, SAIC, Great wall motor…
          News --Transfer lock information
          You have to know the common sense of the It seems that every once in a while, we will be hit by the news of children falling in car accidents. The careless parents were ... Details>>
          Auto tailgate electric gas spring strut, greatly improve the service life and task performance compared with steel spring strut by most advanced and reasonable mechanical-electrical integration design. It offers the main functions as: manual and electric locking and unlocking、intelligent anti-gripping、extend and stay at any position within a certain angle、position memory,etc. Our gas spring strut occupies the leading position in the market with the advantage of easy mounting、complete function、low noise and no need to install end position lock.
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